In loving Memory of Founding Member Lori Taube

We wear the colors that she designed, she was there in the beginning and will be there with us until the last patch is worn. Her spirit will ride with us proudly and she will be forever in the wind. Lori was a great Motorcycle Instructor, she taught many of us to ride, and for that we will always be grateful. She taught me in 1990, and to this day I still hear her voice telling me to look where I want to go, look thru the corners and it has saved my life more than once!

Not only did she teach, she was also a Pastry Chef! She loved to cook, she loved animals, & she loved her family.

She was my friend, my life would never have turned out like it did if I hadn't taken those private lessons on my first bike and she didn't dazzle me with her smile and say the magical words to me ..... "Go to the Gay & Lesbian center in NY and find the Sirens MC, I think you will like them...they are a great bunch of women!"

Lori's strength throughout the last 3 years was amazing, even the week before she passed she was talking about coming to our Holiday Party the next month...she never stopped believing that she would beat the disease that was consuming her...she always had hope.

Thank you my friend for all your courage and guidance and will live on in spirit as long as the wind blows and there are reasons to be riding into the sun. You touched so many lives that it's impossible to say, and they are richer for it!

Tribute by Gigi Foster-Julian